Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rock and Roll

We are watching the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame concert on HBO. The kickoff was Jerry Lee Lewis--who is 74 (but still kickin it). He was followed by CS&N and random soft-rockers from the early 70s (yawn). Then Stevie Wonder and (finally someone younger than Beast and me) John Legend.

Everyone is OLD!

It's depressing but at the same time kind of uplifting too because they mostly look really good especially considering the whole 'rock and roll lifestyle' thing.

Sparky is patiently waiting for Metallica to appear after all these decrepit mummies leave the stage.

(By the way, Little Anthony and the Imperials caused him to say, "WOW!" which is quite the reaction, the first stunned comment from him of the evening, though he did like the bass solo in "You Can Call Me Al" as well.)

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Diana_CT said...

I saw Peter and Paul at Mary Travers funeral and they look old! I remember watching them in the 60's.

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