Friday, December 18, 2009

My name... spelled weirdly. The only part of my name that is 'normal' is my middle name, which of course I never use. All the other parts flummox people regularly. I'm used to it to a certain extent; I never expect people who just met me to get it right.

I do, however, expect people who have known me for over a decade to get it right. Especially my FIRST name. But no, twice this month I've gotten items addressed to me with my first name spelled the traditional way.

So annoying.

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artcat said... I'm sitting here wondering if I wrote it right when I addressed your Christmas card. I do, indeed, know better but if I was thinking beyond my hands in that remeniscie, visual image way I do when I am thinking about the people I am sending cards to, I could have written anything...and been envisioning you. If it was me you refer to, please accept my appology. If not,have an eye roll on me.

Cat. said...

Emphatically not you--haven't gotten your card, and I'd just tell you! :-)

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