Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Strange Day

I took today off work so that I could get some "Christmas stuff" done. It's been a strange day, starting last night when UPS delivered about 20 bottles of wine to our house, allowing Sparky to sign for it. I kind of joked around with him about not being old enough to drink but UPS thinks he's old enough to sign...then today when we unpacked everything Beast noticed that the boxes say on them that they shouldn't be delivered to anyone underage. Nice job, UPS.

Why do we have 20 bottles of wine in our living room? Cuz we had a wine party a couple of weeks ago and the rep had everyone's order delivered to us since he was out of town over the weekend and wasn't sure when the boxes would arrive.

So those were sitting between the Christmas tree and the sofa this morning.

Beast overslept--his first words of the day were "Oh, S**T!" when my alarm went off at 7:30. He meant to be up at 6:30 to work and prep for a busy tech installation day here at home. So he showered and beat feet downstairs...only to miss the call from V-zon guy about installing a second line.

By 10 the V-zon guy was here poking around in our basement and walls while I retired to the spare room to wrap up all the presents I've procured. I got about half done while he was here; when I heard him leave, I commenced carrying them down. Having sorted them into appropriate piles under the tree, I stood up to the sound of the doorbell. Thinking V-zon had returned, I opened the door to a guy who said, "C-cast here for hi-speed installation?" Yup. Neeeexxxttt.

I returned to the spare room and finished up the rest of the wrapping, cleaned up the mess I'd made, and brought everything downstairs (well, everything that Santa isn't bringing).

Beast had to head to town to collect some things to go with his new technology, so he also got to take the First Christmas stuff for my great-nephew and the gift Sparky found under the spare room bed earlier this week from my English sister to my other sister. They must have missed it while packing in October and obviously I never look under the beds in there!

The wine cartons were unpacked and sorted, with some bottles going into town with Beast so he could deliver them to the people who ordered them.

Sparky and I worked on a jigsaw we started yesterday. It's making us dislike animals--there are a LOT of brown animals! ;-)

Somewhere along the line, I got a large papercut in the side of my right index finger.

When Beast got home and unloaded, he brought the mail. Included in our stack were 3 cards for our next-door neighbors--including the one we sent them. Sigh...idiot carrier: their mail is on hold because they are out of town.

Beast headed back out to shovel the snow, since it seemed to have stopped. About then, a nurse called from the place where FIL lives to tell us they thought FIL needed to have his foot checked out at the hospital as it seemed to have developed an infection. So Beast and Sparky got to work double-time on the driveway so Beast could go pick up FIL and take him to the ER. Sparky then went next door and did their driveway so the house doesn't look deserted.

Amy called. We dithered about whether she should drive north tonight to her parents' house. Her choices were do that, head an hour south to her apartment, or come stay here at least overnight. Since she hasn't shown up here, and that was well over an hour ago--I'm assuming she chose A or B.

Beast just called 10 minutes ago to say that they are admitting FIL to pump him full of IV antibiotics as the foot does have some infection. He should be out in 24-36 hours. Tops.

And so it goes.

  • All of this new technology is being paid for by Beast's company. He now works 100% out of the house and they want him to have what he needs here: photocopier, fax, dedicated phone line, direct mail (to a maildrop, not here), high-speed connection to the internet, printer, you name it. The office is stuffed to the gills now. Crazy.
  • Our house is fooking COLD during the day (because the thermostat is programmed to keep the temperature at 65).
  • My address book is two years out of date. In it, my niece isn't married and still lives in her old house, under her old name.
  • Where did I put the wrapping tape?! I know I bought several rolls in the summer. Did I really use them all up?
  • To reiterate from last year: I. Will. NEVER. EVER. Need. To. Buy. Bows. Again.
  • It's possible the paper cut isn't actually a paper cut. It may be that my skin cracked open. It's just about that dry.
  • Sparky has discovered coffee, downing about 6 cups in the past 24 hours. He's not my kid, that's for sure. Yuck.
  • Tomorrow is going to be yet another strange day, this time at work.
5 minutes after I wrote all this, Amy called to fill us in on her plans. Natch.
It's all good though.

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