Thursday, January 7, 2010

Science Experiment

We had a little unintentional science project this weekend in Beast's car. He parked at the airport while he was gone earlier in the week. When he returned to the car late last night and opened the trunk to put his bags in, he discovered that it had indeed been cold.

The 12-pack of Diet Dr. Pepper we bought over the weekend had frozen. One can did not maintain its structural integrity; both the top & bottom sections of the can had blown out the sides of the box they were in. The bottom, being closer to one side of the car, just stopped, but the top flew across the trunk and ricocheted around before coming to a rest. It left a trail of frozen diet pop on three of the six sides of the trunk.

Fortunately, the temperatures never warmed up to anything approaching freezing, so cleanup was fairly simple, even in an airport parking lot at 12:30 a.m.

But I was VERY confused this morning when I came downstairs and found the remains of the box in the kitchen sink along with the unopened cans, two of which were still partially frozen. Cuz, yeah, I'm a sucky wife: I don't stay up till The Husband arrives home.


On a slightly different note: yeah, thanks, School District Lamebrains for the call at 5freaking30 this morning telling us we don't need to wake the kid up for school. Cuz, see, yeah: you just WOKE US ALL UP!

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