Thursday, January 7, 2010

Searches on the old blog

I haven't had a tracker installed on this blog for long enough for these sorts of weird-o-rama searches to happen much. But I got a hankering to do this kind of post since I haven't for ages and ages:
  • meander--that's the title of a very meandering post. Probably didn't help in the definition of the word, if that's what the Googler was doing.
  • wedding passages--These are good ones, IMHO, if you are searching.
  • all getting haircuts--Yep, all of us got our hair cut on the same day in 2008. Pretty exciting stuff. Why would anyone search those words? I can't come up with a scenario.
  • furniture projectblogspot--Part ? of the Summer of Refinishing.
  • link: I hope this made the blog's author as happy as it made me to write about it.
  • beth orton stolen car radio edit--The radio edit was a different song in the list. I liked that one, as well as Beth's, but I bet that didn't really help in answering whatever question was at hand.
  • perfect stage crew--We still own it. It has nothing whatever to do with my regular life, so it was probably a useless hit for the person who clicked over here. Sorry.
  • jenn!fer g!ltrop--This refers to a very embarrassing moment in library lore, which unfortunately a person with this name was tangentially involved. I occluded the name here; I should have done so on the old blog as well. {shrug}

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