Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's schedule

  • Woke with alarm at 5:20 with the morning DJ flapping his yap about Jay Leno...Conan O'Brien..blah blah blah
  • Eventually hauled my tired butt outta bed, got dressed, got ready for work, prepped the meds, did the hair, etc., etc.
  • Logged into email and Fb, with limited success on the latter
  • Headed out, with meds in their Kleenex (I'm so hi-tek), stopping to collect coat, scarf, phone, work keys
  • Realize I never picked up the paper yesterday. Head down the driveway for that one and today's. Spot one propped against the snow at the edge of the driveway. Fall off edge of driveway into snow, landing on all fours in the snow and nearly somersaulting into the culvert. And the paper wasn't there, either.
  • Go back inside and towel off pants and hands. Head back to truck to leave, again.
  • Back out of driveway, and spot paper 4 inches to the left of my thrashing-in-the-snow marks. Swear, stop car, get paper, finish pulling out of driveway.
  • Arrive at Bible Study late for the second week in a row. Reach into pocket for meds and realize I grabbed the wrong wadded-up Kleenex. No meds today. Crap
  • Bible Study/Sparky's "I'm up and ready to head to school" text/drive to work
  • Picklist in the dark library, woo hoo
  • Leave note on Fb cancelling study time at church this afternoon
  • Dink around killing time doing minor project work before leaving for meeting
  • Spend 20 minutes convincing a coworker that she REALLY, REALLY needs to see the doctor NOW and get answers YESTERDAY about this weird pile of symptoms
  • Leave for lunch. I have no memory of the hour-long drive to the meet-up place. Scary
  • Lovely lunch with wonderful people, marred only by having to wait over 30 minutes after ordering for our food to arrive. It wasn't quite worth the wait, but the company was good which nearly makes up for it, right?
  • So the meeting started 30 minutes late, oh well. And lasted over two hours. And was, mostly, lots of fun. I actually love these people. Well, most of them... lol
  • Drive an hour home. See Sparky for the first time today, and find out how today's finals went. Relax for an hour, talk to Beast for the first time today, and watch 45 minutes of ST:TNG with Sparky. Also repair internet connection so that I can FINALLY access all of Facebook, just in time to leave again...
  • ...for Bell Choir at church. Progress, MUCH of it, is made there. Help break down tables and clean up the room for the next group, who definitely won't need padded tables and bell stands, etc.
  • Drive half an hour to FIL's apartment. The dressing on his toe needs changing. Home Health will only do every other day, so we are responsible for the rest of the days--it needs to be done daily. Chat with FIL and tonight's CNA, who is super-splendiferous, for an hour or so after changing dressing
  • Drive half an hour home. Say goodnight to Sparky. Start typing this while switching between CSI:NY on CBS and NCIS on cable.
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