Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Found in my work email this morning

a.k.a. Do Not Read This While Eating

The first paragraph isn't so bad, just a concise explanation of daily life with technology lately.
A patron called me over to it tonight to ask if [station #3] was on. The green light was on the monitor, but the screen was black. When I restarted, the tower was making some sketchy noises. The screen flashed in and out and then came to the black DOS start up screen that asks if you want to start windows in normal mode. I said yes, then the screen went to the windows box and finally, flashed out. (I fear, [staff member], that I too murdered a machine…sigh) I turned it off and put an out of order sign up. When [another reference librarian] looked at it again, same problem, except we didn’t even get to the startup screen.

Also tonight we had a vomit incident. [Station #2] was lightly sprayed. I disinfected the heck out of the station, but I’m going to ask our cleaners to disinfect too, just to be sure. Until then the station has an out of order sign on it and no keyboard—[the other reference librarian] is replacing the keyboard tomorrow.
If you don't have a cast-iron constitution, working in libraries is probably not a good idea.

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Happy Villain said...

Amen, Sista.

Cat. said...

HV--I totally thought of your most recent post when I read that email today. Unfortunately.

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