Wednesday, February 3, 2010


  • Boring Bible Study text this morning. The pastor even said so. lol

  • Technology issues leading to a cretinously slow database at work.

  • The mere thought of vomit on surfaces at work.

  • Laughing with E. for 10 minutes over a book of tongue-twisters, followed by mooning with her over an adorable book of poems "by" dogs. I love our children's librarian.

  • Too much processed sugar in one afternoon.

  • 14 straight hours away from the house.

  • Email from church about a 12-year-old in our community who has an inoperable brain tumor which sprung a leak in her head. She's (back) in the hospital, in pain but improving. Terrifying and very sad.

  • Email from The Boss at 1:30 p.m.: "I need some statistics for your report, which I have to present to the Board tonight."

  • Registration forms I've been requesting for two months (and worrying about for another month before that) which arrived last week...are due on Monday. Next Monday, 2/8. Ten days to collect everyone's info. Nice organization, PCUSA. Real *$%@!ing nice.

  • I'm not a fan of sloppy joes. Just sayin'.

  • People who can't read a choir. The are nice people. They can't read music. O.M.G.

  • The most boring part EVER assigned to me in that choir. Seriously: I play in 8 out of about 40 measures, maybe 10 notes total.

  • Worry over FIL's complete lack of energy after his last three dialysis visits. Not to mention his laryngitis. And his toe.

  • Beast had a crappy sales call today. And he's far from home and feeling a little out of things.

  • Email from a friend whose life is so tragic. According to her. Well, you made your own bed, Ms. L--now you're lying in it. We all have to lie in our own sh**, you aren't so special. Lots of people have it worse off, and most of us have at least as much going on...but no, YOURS is so much worse. Because it's yours. Yeah. F**k you and the horse you rode in on. I have no tolerance anymore.

  • This was Sparky's birthday. Not that you'd be able to notice, since he was up at 6:45, off to school, then church (study group and dinner) and then back to school for ACT class. He just went up to bed...10 p.m. Happy 17th, Baby Boy! {eyeroll}

  • Blackberry Stoli + tonic + lime = To Die For
I'm taking a mental health day tomorrow. I wish I could do the same for about 6 other people who need the same thing and can't actually do it. But I'm seeing a friend. A real friend. Someone I don't think "f**k you" thoughts about. Ever. Yay.

Oooh, and Beast comes home tomorrow, too. More yay!

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