Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Eyes Have It

It's official: Sparky has my genetics in his eyes. We already knew he didn't inherit his vision from his dad, but it appears he also has my optic nerve architecture. The doctor yesterday says he has "cupping" of his optic nerve. Lucky him. He will get to do visual field tests until he loses his mind, just as I have to. So freakin' annoying.

Oh, well, on the upside: only my grandmother developed glaucoma, and only when she was pretty old. So, we may have a tendency, but it doesn't seem to be a determiner.

In other news, Mother of the Year status remains unchanged: "No dear, you canNOT get contacts, not right before you go overseas for three weeks."

The dentist gets a co-parenting prize this week too: "Yes, you have to have your wisdom teeth out. Now. Not in July."

Since we're covering medical bases, Beast has been diagnosed with bone spurs in his elbow. Nothing they can (or want to) do right now about it except for treating the occasional pain. Suck.

But FIL's pacemaker seems to be fine. So, there is some good medical news.

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