Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Rule

Everyone should have (at least) one friend who will lovingly tell the unvarnished truth, or at least poke airholes into a closed system.

Why? See here, and take a look at the See Also references, too.

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molly said...

okay, I agree. But I would like to point out, loveingly, that it is not at all clear what you are talking about.

Cat. said...

That's ok, Molly; I'm being intentionally vague because of a situation in which I have interests in both camps, some of whom occasionally come here to read stuff.

Short version: I heard something yesterday that made my eyes roll out of my head at the sheer nerviness of the person saying it. And today the same person is being stroked for what was said, and I'm trying like hell to not vomit into my trashcan.

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