Thursday, May 6, 2010


It has been a week.

I worked Sunday. That tends to bring on the crankiness, but at least I worked with Librarian D with whom I get along brilliantly. Still, the fact that we spent the prior-to-opening minutes Cloroxing the staff desk because of Librarian F's pinkeye germs led to some comments about...stuff.

She flew in the door yesterday to sub for Librarian F. Who was at work. Why do we need a sub? Because Librarian F can't work the Reference desk because she might still be contagious. So she has to work in her office all day. Damn. She better get the whole next year sorted out, because that's just wrong. WRONG. And Librarian D was as angry about the situation as I've seen her get in the 15 years I've worked with her.

Meanwhile, Ms. W was p.o.'d because she'd been on the Circulation Desk for 5 straight hours because the boss wanted Supply Queen to reorg the supply shelves today. Ms. W volunteered to cover Supply Queen's circ time, but didn't realize that meant she was there till 2 with no break. She was as angry about that as I've seen her recently.

The boss was gone all week last week, so several of us feel like we are constantly talking her down from the ledge. The supplies are one thing: why they have to be sorted out TODAY isn't clear? An email I sent 2 weeks ago about throwing away some of the junk in the Reference collection is also not something I want to spend 10 minutes discussing as I'm walking out the door. The specter of oncoming Horseman of the Apocalypse named 0CLC (according to someone else's boss) is also not something I really needed to address for 2-plus hours on Tuesday to calm my boss's concerns.

And Complainer Tech isn't even at work this week! That would top everything off nicely if she were. So, today, my basic plan is going to be KEEP THE HEADPHONES ON! I may even wear the "Leave Me Alone" hat...except for the hour I am scheduled on the desk. Course, if Librarian F isn't around, I expect to be yanked back to cover her hours too.

Sparky's been a p.i.t.a. this week too. And I'm beyond tired for some reason.

At least the sun is shining.

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molly said...

you've got lots of legit reasons to be cranky AND exhausted. I hope you get some rest. Pinkeye's a good one. It's a wonder nobody's thought of that where I work.
When was your last real vacation? Never? First there are all the "kid" years, then there are all the "old parents" years. (not to mention what a thrill an adolescent/post adolescent can be).
I think you need a rest. It doesn't sound as if you're going to get one.

Cat. said...

My last "real" vacation was at least 3 years ago. I get a week-long one this year in June, driving to CO and back with Beast while Sparky is in Germany. Should be fun.

Hopefully no one around you decides they have pinkeye--I'm a little terrified of that one, even if the person with it is 100% hypochondriacal.

Drew said...

"Complainer Tech" would be a really fun job title.

Cat. said...

You wouldn't say that if you knew her. She is a right pain.

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