Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Oh dear God

What ELSE could possibly go wrong today?!

By asking that, I'm probably gunning for two more tons to land on us. I'm not real sure I'd notice, if that gives you any indication of how deep it feels right now.

I hatehateHATE my son's school administrators right now. Am also furious at him for being an absolute MORON. But really, is it too much to ask for the administrator who promised to call "both parents" to actually do so?? No, let's just call the Dad; Dads are the Enforcers, right? Moms don't need to know jack.

The special topping on this whole thing is that I allowed my frustration to boil over onto Beast so now we have a problem to handle as well.


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molly said...

Hang on. Adolescence is a roller coaster ride, for everyone involved. You're doing a great job, Sparky is a great kid. I hope it all gets better soon.

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