Friday, May 14, 2010

What else?

This, from my niece Elizabeth:
Last night, [Wayne] and I found out that [Wayne]'s cousin's son was found murdered in [location].

Mom, Dad, [Katherine] and [Alan], You may remember meeting [cousin] and his son ... [a toddler] at [Wayne]'s family's home ... this past Christmas Eve. [Toddler] had just begun living with his mom and new stepfather 2 weeks ago. I remember that [toddler] had really taken to [Alan] [at Christmas].

[links to news stories redacted]

[Wayne]'s mom and dad are devastated as they had taken care of [toddler] for a while when [cousin] went out to [location] to take care of final divorce proceedings. ... Please pray for all of us and for [cousin] and his family.

Love, [Elizabeth]
Having read the news stories, having never met this little guy or his parents, I'm beyond stunned. This sort of thing only happens on TV shows, to "other people" and in books.

This puts EVERYTHING in my life firmly into better perspective.

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