Saturday, September 11, 2010

Annoyed beyond belief

One of those days.

+ Being TOLD, not asked, by my boss to make coffee for the volunteers, with the implication being "NOW!" Don't know how the coffeemaker works (which of course I do)? "Read the directions."

+ Apparently, yesterday she told the circ desk staff to take the pot of coffee out to the volunteers once in awhile to refill their cups. Uhm, didja noticed we're stacked 3 patrons deep here? Why don't YOU take the coffeepot out to them? Mind you, these volunteers don't expect this sort of thing and would have been horrified if we'd done it.

+ Hearing a pregnant coworker relate that our boss is pressuring her for firm answers about her schedule following the birth of the baby and return to work after FMLA-time is over. And then saying something to the effect that "I understand that family is important, but so is being professional."

+ Asking the same coworker today if she was going to clean up after a program--one that this coworker had planned and was running. [like, who else would be cleaning it up?]

+ Having another coworker, who doesn't usually work in the afternoon, go gonzo because "the computers are slow!!" Yes, they always are after about 11:30 every DAMN day. Why are you spazzing out about it--we deal with it constantly, so there's no emergency.

+ People who return books--mostly animal training books, but also one law book they 'borrowed' without checking out--that are covered in urine. Probably animal urine. But...who knows. (unfortunately, this happens more often than you'd think)

+ Boss-lady saying, "Well I was going to buy donuts, but I ran out of time" after getting in our way all morning. Any of the times you were wandering from fundraiser to program to program to workroom and back would have been an excellent time to run to the store!

+ Why can't people read directions on cleaning solutions? The stuff we use is CONCENTRATE! It needs to be diluted to use. Leaving a 1/8" slime on the toilet seats "to dry" is stupid and puts us in danger of being sued if someone's ass gets a chemical burn. It took me 5 full minutes to wipe/scrape the gunge off the seat with dry paper towels. Good thing it wasn't an emergency!

+ "[Cat.], come out and help at circ! There's a line!" The two of us trying to work in the workroom fly out there...and find two people patiently waiting. I was out there for less than a minute. Line gone, nobody else around needing help. WTF?

+ Some insect or other bit me on the arm yesterday. Big red owie on my left forearm. Bugs annoy me.

+ Just a note to the general public: JUST BECAUSE YOU LEAVE YOUR MASSIVELY OVERDUE ITEMS IN THE OUTSIDE BOOKDROP DOESN'T MEAN YOU WON'T HAVE TO PAY THE FINES! Even if you wait till closing time. We will be able to figure out who it is that owes $4.90 per item (totaling $29.40) on 4 board books, a DVD and a regular picture book that were due 7 weeks ago. You've received a call, a nice letter, and a not-as-nice certified letter from us. You actually owe almost $40 because we had to send two certified letters because you used your kid's card AND your own, so each card got the extra $5 fee for the letter. Yes, you will still have to pay the fine. Thanks for making us stay till 10 minutes past closing time to find all your fucking paperwork because you're too embarrassed or disorganized to bring your stuff inside.

+ Allergy season sux. My eyes are killing me: dry, itchy, red... Stupid corn!

+ My niece and my brother need to go live on (individual) islands. Alone. With no outside communication. She is unlikely to be invited over more than once a year henceforth, and he's a complete asshole that I don't really care about seeing again either. Neither of them were in my face today, but the past month of dealing with their shit has percolated into a sludge of "I'm so DONE with you after your recent behavior!" in my mind.

I think that's all. I think that's enough. If my boss doesn't settle herself down, though, I'm gonna go apeshit (in my head) and talk to HR. I've played this game before, and I'm NOT playing it again. She's every bit as much an asshat as PsychoBoss in some ways.

Thank God for friends who send consoling emails (even though they had no idea they were consoling), and a husband who asked if I needed a drink when I got home and understands that I really really do NOT want to go out to eat tonight. I just want to drink Stoli, vent on my blog, and sleep. Have done two of the three already. Sleep will be here soon, even if it means that I have to get Beast to club me into unconsciousness.

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molly said...

now THERE's an image, the Beast clubbing you into unconsciousness.
I hope it gets better. I think the next year is going to irritate you, at best. I am sorry about your pain and your loss.
Not that you aren't dealing with a bunch of assholes, you are. You are. But the ability to say "here we go gathering nuts in May" blithely depends in part on not having been kicked in the teeth by destiny. Recently.

Cat. said...

Thanks Molly. You're right.

The older I get, the less I feel like "playing nice" to improve my image, and that irritation you mentioned is probably going to surface a lot.

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