Monday, September 13, 2010

The Memes

Several good memes today in my list, and I have no interest in doing them. Blogging has always been safe for me because I'm careful to stay anonymous, and because I don't making "driving traffic to my blog" my raison d'etre. I like comments as much as anyone, but I'd still write the blog if no one commented. I feel nice and cocooned and safe with my blogs. A few IRL people know about them, some of those people read and others don't, and that's fine.

I know that memes annoy the crap out of some people, so long ago I created a separate site where I can do those to my heart's content and not clutter up my 'regular life' blog with silliness. That's been status quo for 6 years. Yay.

Now, I know I'm under some stress lately. Between work and my extended family, things are a little out of control. There are plenty of other reasons for me to be a little thin-skinned at this particular moment. Add to that my background around the issue of politics and a really stupid meme question yesterday and a perfect storm of ranty responses was created. So, vent, release, move on. It was over. I'm done.

...till someone left me a comment saying I wasn't being nice. I read it at about 7 a.m. today and it has thoroughly raised my blood pressure for the entire day. I'm seriously STILL so angry I could spit at this person. I don't say that lightly--I have never in my life spit on someone, but I would do it today. Perhaps after I beat her senseless with my Mao cap from A Real Communist Country.

At the same time, I know I'm really over-reacting to this. This is not helping me calm down. In fact, that knowledge has added to my anger. I'm furious over this, angry at my niece and my brother, annoyed with my sister, irritated with several situations at work, and ticked off about innumerable little things that aren't as perfect as I'd like. As Beast said, at least I'm not taking it out on him; being this angry with someone I don't even know--who is, naturally enough, from Texas--is probably pretty safe for everyone.

Sigh. Time to sleep. {insert manic laughter here}

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amy said...

"nice" is a bad, bad word. You, however, are the tops, no matter what. Whether you're venting (which is something everyone should do, and you've certainly earned!) or doing anything else, I think you're awesome, and I'll happily punch anybody who wants to fight about it.

Mucho hugs.

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