Saturday, October 23, 2010

I gotta repost this, unattributed and obfuscated

...and post-dated to protect the author, and me, and people who know both of us.
It's been a M0nday. I just read a fr!end's p0st ab0ut navel-gaz!ng in l!brar!ansh!p, wh!ch included th!s paragraph:
That's an0ther th!ng that w0rks my nerves ab0ut s0me 0f these c0nversat!0ns…the defeat!st att!tude that pe0ple have that the!r j0b sucks/the!r manager sucks/the!r c0-w0rkers suck/the vend0rs suck/EVERYTH!NG SUCKS but the!r hands are t!ed and can't f!x !t and can't leave. S0mething can always be d0ne. 'But...'… N0. But n0th!ng. S0mething can always be d0ne.

Yeah. That. I'm gu!lty 0f it s0met!mes -- we're all human -- but it's s0meth!ng I w0rk t0 av0!d. Because we hates it, 0ur prec!0us.

And then I just had a pr0fess!0nal interact!0n that has me shut in my 0ff!ce l!sten!ng t0 angry mus!c as l0ud as I can just!fy in a l!brary. It b0!ls d0wn t0 th!s:

I d0n't d0 pass!ve-aggress!ve.

I d0n't d0 wh!n!ng.

I als0 d0n't d0 martyrs.

And s0mething can always be d0ne.

S0 e!ther help me f!x it, 0r s!t d0wn and shut up.

N0ne 0f wh!ch I can say 0ut l0ud, s0 I'm g0!ng t0 c0nt!nue w0rk!ng 0n the stuff 0n my t0-d0 l!st, w!th the d00r securely cl0sed, unt!l I d0n't want t0 snarl th0se th!ngs at the next pers0n t0 c0me near me.
OK, then please let me know specifically how we can:
  • create jobs out of thin air
  • cure cancer
  • solve all instances of mental illness
  • stop wars
  • raise the dead
While I do actually sympathize with the general sentiment of looking for forward movement and quelling the negative..., yeah, NOT. Anyway, it seems to me that if people "don't do" any of these behaviors or personalities, they've admitted defeat and are therefore saying Nothing Can Be Done with them.

  • Playing music loudly because you're angry? Why, that sounds mighty P-A to this here Mom.
  • The whole post is whiny.
  • Martyring yourself by hiding in your office is still being a martyr. Trust me: my family is full of martyrs.
To think I used to like this person....

To think she's in charge of getting information to students. {shudder}

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're right, I need to stop whining and just start taking some of these people out...or get outta the profession altogether. I am tired and everyone around me is tired of hearing me. Sorry. artcat

Cat. said...

This is not YOU, you silly goose!! This is NOT YOU! This is totally so, not at all, not even close to being you that I'm stunned that you think it could possibly be you. Emailing you now....

amy said...

I gasped out loud when I saw that comment.

You could not be further from the person who popped into my head when I read this!

Fleur de Lisa said...

Makes me think of a book I've just heard of, "The Positive Power of Negative Thinking". But man, those kind of people really can wear you down. Passive-Aggressive behavior just sucks!

revelsofthedead said...

I am here to say wow, and eat an ice cream sandwich. :)

Cat. said...

Can I have the box when you're done? I need it for my freezer.

(also, on a mature side note, SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR READING!)

revelsofthedead said...

Oh, nah, not reading, but the Waldorf and Statler's let me in on the joke.

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