Thursday, October 28, 2010


For the past month, more or less, I have been having quite a lot of strange dreams. Most of them are at least mildly amusing and weird. Some have been pretty unpleasant--not nightmares, but stuff that isn't really fun.

This morning's was about taking FIL in for tests today (true) and arriving to pick him up from his apartment (not accurate) to find MIL there (clearly not true). And she was caaa-RANK-y. Then she fell and banged her knee so while we were at the hospital for FIL's tests I was going to get her knee x-rayed (no, it's FIL's knee that may need x-rays). Also, I had gone in earlier this week and traded in my truck for a VW minivan (not true--and WTF: minivan?? Not. VW?? Do they still make those minivan/minibus things). And MIL was driving.

I'd like to go back to the bizarro dreams that have no bearing on reality.

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