Sunday, November 21, 2010


  • Beast forgot to turn on his alarm today so got up an hour late
  • The plan was for him to make the 7-hour drive to his parents' condo this afternoon to get it on the market (finally) this week
  • Sparky played bass in the praise band at church for the first time
  • Sparky was also nominated to be a youth elder (quite the oxymoron there) today
  • I got to play with a baby during the sermon. Babies like this one are easy: all I had to do to keep her quiet was wiggle my fingers--nonstop--at her, thus calming her parents down
  • I have no idea what the majority of the sermon was about, but I'm still humming the songs
  • Our church packed 400 boxes for Christmas Child this year. That's 1/3 of what we did in our first ten years!
  • I worked from 12 till 5:15. Not a horrible Sunday, and there were no childbirth emergencies in the course of things. Which is a good thing, though I think Mom is ready to have the freakin' baby already.
  • FIL ended up in the ER. Beast bagged the drive back East to sit with him all afternoon. FIL has been admitted due to a high potassium level, a weird-looking bump on his leg, and with 20 extra lbs. of water weight since he left dialysis on Friday. Not sure what's going on.
  • Youth group was fun, if weird. I was the only grownup there. Thank God they are good kids.
  • Beast has bagged the whole trip. He doesn't want to leave town with his dad in the hospital. He has a good lead on someone interested in the condo, so his aunt is going to do a showing tomorrow and then he will know whether to call the real estate agent or not.
  • This house is so not-clean. It's gonna take hours to get things sorted out before Thanksgiving. I should probably be working on that now. Hah!
  • Everyone in this house is fucking EXHAUSTED.

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