Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird Day

Woke up to rain, and thunder and lightning. When I left the house, it smelled and felt like spring--yes there IS a difference between spring rain and autumn rain--but the sun was out.  By 11 it was back to full cloud cover. And a tornado watch.

Took a nap and woke to find out that there had been a tornado sighted within 15 miles of us, and one that touched down about an hour east of us.

Just now checked Facebook and found out that my coworker's baby has arrived. No further details yet--just a note from baby's uncle and rumors from another coworker. Still. Yay!

More yay that FIL is getting out of the hospital tomorrow, unless things fall apart again.

And in spite of the cancelled trip East for Beast (ahem), the condo may be on the verge of being sold. So, three yays and a lot of WTF.

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