Monday, May 30, 2011

Like father, like son

My brother wrote a long email to all of us this weekend catching us up and informing us that he really is on the verge of starting his own consulting business. He has decades of experience in the ins and outs of organizing and managing fire departments, specifically airport fire-and-rescue, so he's hanging his shingle out in the area of coordinating those things with departments and organizations that need help.

His current job is winding down, due to incredible bad management and lack of forward thinking. Del's currently the only salesperson left ... in a company that sells trucks to organizations. Kinda lame. And they sold off a multi-million dollar side product recently for essentially nothing.

So having a plan like this is good. As I wrote him back, he is not our Dad. Dad was not a great businessman. On the other hand, Del has "walked in the business world for many years successfully, as an employee, and have learned how NOT to manage a company, as well as having worked for occasional good managers and learned from them." His wife will be able to do the financials for him, so if they don't kill each other, this all looks cool.

Oh, and his son is getting married in October. Right now, it's only my nephews who aren't married, and that's changing, so maybe there is hope for the 38- and 36-year-old.

So, yeah. Tomorrow, it's back to work for me, back to weeding for Sparky, and back to the car for Beast. Nice long weekend.

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