Friday, May 27, 2011


Yeah. I had a couple of doozies this morning, one that I sorta understand and one that is just bizarre.
  1. I made a pretty disparaging comment on Twitter yesterday (since deleted) about some big library-related thing that's going around lately. The dream--more a thought, really--was that a friend blocked me from her feed because of what I said; I noticed because I hadn't seen any tweets from her in the afternoon/evening yesterday.

    I then lay there half-awake sorting out what to do: check to see if she did block me, write her an apology?, oh-hell-who-cares... It was basically all 5 of K├╝bler-Ross's stages of grief compressed into about half an hour. Once I got out of bed and checked Twitter, I found several tweets from her. And then it hit me that there's this time-zone thing.... Duh. All that angst for nothing!

  2. The other dream was a proper dream, which ended for some reason with the Twitter-block thought. There is no connection that I can see. In a nutshell, I was with the youth group kids (I think?) on a trip and one of them found a purse left in the restroom. We had been riding trains--I know where I got that (I read this right before bed last night thanks to the London Underground blog*)--and were collecting ourselves at the end of the ride. So we looked around for the owner, and eventually I opened the wallet to see whose it was, and it was the wife of the author of another blog I read, which shall remain unidentified because it has nothing whatsoever to do with anything else in this dream. I'll just say it's a blog written by a funny Christian guy whom I have not met IRL. His wife either.

    So as soon as I saw her name, I knew I could let her know by checking the blog for contact info. So I went to my growing-up church (in Colorado) where I found our current pastor (not in Colorado) and borrowed his computer to get the contact info, which turned out to be a phone number. [proof that this is a dream, no?] Unfortunately, it was presented as words, like CHURCH INFO, only it was about 5 lines of text long. My cell phone has a QWERTY keyboard, so I had to use a land-line phone to translate all this into numbers before I could call....

    So very frustrated by all of this. It went on and on, as these sorts of dreams do, until I woke up with the whole Tweet-block thing.
Short version: life is complicated and frustrating, trying to be helpful can be a huge pain, I like trains, I need to watch what I write in public, and sleeping is not for wimps.

* Just figured out the connection between these two. OK, well, at least that part makes sense now.

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