Friday, June 17, 2011

Seeing the future

I have a colleague (shudder) in the library field whose social network stuff is ... uhm ... interesting to read, or at least pop into periodically. She bears watching. I recently set up HootSuite to stream any mention of her tweets or mentions of her tweets in a separate column. The column title is "DangerWillRobinson!" I added her (ahem) inamorato to this list: tweets by and about him as well.

This week, said boy has suddenly hit a little blurp of fame on a geek library site, blah blah blah. About two dozen people tweeted huzzahs in his direction. Said girl ... did not. Now, it's perfectly possible that she has learned the value of private communication (not fucking likely, but let's give a girl a break), although one could--and I would--argue that publicly congratulating someone you "love" is not something you should ever hold back on. But based on what she DID tweet today it certainly doesn't seem like this leopard's spots have changed a bit.

Having watched other relationships she's been in implode (rather explosively), this is how it starts. The spotlight shifts to someone else, and she gets peeved. Payback ensues. Etc., etc. ... fireworks.

I wonder if she is even aware of this cycle. I KNOW he doesn't have a clue. Idiot. Please God, don't let Sparky get mixed up with anyone like her; hopefully I've 'trained' him better!

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