Thursday, August 4, 2011

...aaaaand....he's home

After a very frustrating day yesterday, spent waiting for his primary doc to sign him out, Beast was released at 6 p.m. with one last IV pain shot and a couple of scrips for oral meds he can take. Turns out he actually has 5 affected discs this time, so instead of simply re-injuring the original two, they have decided to share the wealth.

He also now has a stylin' green cane to use till he gets the sensation in his right foot back. He can move around the house fairly well with that and he even made it upstairs last night to sleep in bed instead of having to crash in his recliner like last time.

All is better, but definitely not 'well.' For now, we'll take "happy to be home" over the continued frustrations of being in the hospital.

Oh, and Sparky got his computer late in the afternoon Tuesday. He's been enjoying setting it up since then.

So now, if only I could figure out how I ended up having to work both Friday and Saturday this week, things would be approaching good for all of us. Since we lost our children's librarian a couple of weeks ago--long story there--and two other reference staff are sick and another on vacation, I'm going to have to pull some public service hours today as well as the next two days. Joy. Rapture. ...blergh...

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Jen S said...

Glad to hear is he doing "better"...
Just want to put a thought out there - I am close by if you need help moving the boy into the dorm later this month... really... I don't offer up pack mule service if I don't mean it.

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