Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The later part of "more later"

So, yeah, Beast had another spinal cortisone shot about two hours ago. They got him back to the room, I hooked up his CPap, and ducked out to come home. He was really out of it when I left, so hopefully he'll sleep a good portion of the afternoon and early evening.

Most of the reason I came home is because Sparky, while doing his best, is BORED OUT OF HIS MIND, and quite annoyed. Here's the backstory:
On July 16, we ordered a computer from Dell for him for college, built to the spex the college gave us and with a lot of extra whistles and bells, and some peripherals (one of which, a printer, is actually for us). The separate hard drive, and the extra cabling arrived almost immediately. The printer arrived about a week after we ordered it, at most. The laptop...is still not here. [Insert long story about phone calls to India, changed stock numbers, reordering, being on the phone for a total of nearly five hours over a few days last week...] FedEx received it last Thursday for shipping. It arrived in our area last Friday at the close of the business day, which means--because we didn't pay extra for the delivery--that they held it till Monday. Monday, i.e. yesterday, we were at the doctor and hospital all morning, and returned to find that they'd tried to deliver it. They need a signature. No one was here. OK, they'll try again today.
Sparky has been on tenterhooks ALL DAY waiting for it. It's after 4 now and still not here, even though it shows out for delivery. Clearly, they've swapped the order they are doing the route today. I'm annoyed because I'm about at the end of my last good nerve anyway, and so when I talked to him about 2:30 and he was all pissy about this, I told him he could invite Jet over if it meant he would be less cranky.

So I got home from the hospital to find Jet and Sparky in the basement (good luck hearing the doorbell down there with the XBox volume at 11), along with another kid whom I've met once and about whom I've heard numerous 'head-desk', OMG-duh stories from both guys. In my house. [picture me doing the Home Alone face] We have a fairly constant rule that we need to know who's in the house with Sparky. When I reminded him of that, he said, "You said I could have Jet come over!" to which I replied, "Yes, I said having Jet here is and was fine. I didn't know  'Jet' means 'Jet-and-Brandon' now. A warning text would have been nice, at the very least."

And just now, when I asked where yesterday's delivery receipt from FedEx went--so I could call and find out if we had any idea about timing of that for this afternoon--Sparky mentioned that he'd already called and was told they keep doing deliveries till 8 p.m. Thanks for filling me in on that, dude.

Yes, I'm just wee bit cranky. Trying to keep the lid on, not really looking forward with joy about the next few days/weeks, and realizing there's not one person in our household who is happy right now. Well, ok: Ruka might not be overly cranky, but the humans are crabby.

Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffin' glue....

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