Friday, September 30, 2011

RV capitol of the U.S.

That's where we're spending the night on our way to the funeral and burial of FIL which is happening on Sunday. This is a place we stop frequently. Beast actually has a work colleague and customers here, so he's far too familiar with the town. Actually, I am too--as we left to find dinner, I realized that I remember walking from the hotel next door to a now-nonexistent grocery store next door.

Beast is uploading slides onto his computer for a slide-show to play at the funeral home on Sunday.

I'm about as close to asleep as someone can be and still have her eyes open. Maybe I should go jammie-up and wash my face and teeth so I can safely drop off. Unfortunately, the headache I had all day, the headache which finally disappeared about 2 hours into today's drive, seems to be on its way back. Sigh. Gotta be tension, but I can't remember a day when I've had a full-day headache.

So you can sorta see why I'm not blogging much if this is the content that might be the norm.

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Jen S said...

Really - you stop there? I have to go there for work from time to time too - there was a plant built there about 6 years ago...
I'll be thinking of you and such today.

Cat. said...

Yeah, we're regulars in Elkhart, particularly Beast.

The weekend activities went as well as could be expected. We're home now, which is good, especially since the sun came out today. Finally!!

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