Sunday, November 6, 2011

What? Where? Oh, yeah....

So the whole month of October passed with nothing to say here. Sigh. I even stopped meming for a couple of weeks. Thing is nothing much really did happen, although I'm sure I could've found something to say about some of the 'nothing' that happened.

Like, for instance, my boss double-dealing me on hours and holding out a promise of going full-time and then acting like it was a bit of a misunderstanding when I came back with a yes answer after doing some due diligence. Or perhaps the trip to the E.R. with Beast a couple of Saturday nights ago during which the cops babysitting the drunk next door came over to tell us to settle down and stop yelling (at the doctor). Then there was the phone call at work from Sparky about the fact that we hadn't paid the bill for his first semester of college.

There were some good things too: Amy visiting, a nice Homecoming with Sparky, a wicked-funny reunion event for reasons having more to do with cattiness than anything else, getting lost with Jen in our former college town while trying to get into Walgreen's leading to an extended giggle-fit, the fact that Beast only spent that one night in the hospital, and Fall Break with Sparky spending 80% of his waking hours in the basement ignoring us.

Beast's back, overall, is improving. Allergy season may (MAY!) actually be over, finally, for me. Sparky is doing well academically, and still enjoying the fun of dorm life. We have a new guinea pig, as yet unnamed; he seems to be getting along fine with Ruka who has taken on a bit of a protective role suddenly and surprisingly.

I really must try to get back in the habit of stopping by here to update things. It's become fairly obvious that I do use the archives to figure out when stuff happened in the past 8 years. So I need to do myself a favor and write about NOW for the future.

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amy said...

Amy "visiting" - or Amy 'starting to refer to your place as "home north"'.... Hypoallergenic hugs to y'all.

Cat. said...

Well, we haven't actually installed the plaque naming your room yet.


amy said...

Please pretend to be surprised by what you get for Christmas. 8)

WV: "consersly"

Cat. said...


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