Tuesday, November 8, 2011



I have a Twitter account -- no, I'm not linking to it here because it's a little too obvious who I am there, but if you know me and want it, let me know -- not that I tweet much. But because it mentions that I work in a library, and because MANY tweets are about library stuff, and because I follow other library tweeters, I get random followers who think I'm "somebody."

I'm not.

Today's addition is someone named Chelles!e B D@ncer who apparently writes "er0tic" fiction. Yesterday was about loan reconsolidation (or something), and last week I was found by a marketing CEO and something called Keep[suburb name]Cops. Earlier random followers include a HVAC company and a roofing company.

Those are just the ones I haven't blocked because they are skanky or phishy.

And that is all the news that's fit to print today. Sadly.

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