Saturday, December 24, 2011
As posted elsewhere, my list of things to do today looked like this:
  • Make cookies
  • Wash bedspread
  • Wash lingerie
  • Finish wrapping presents
  • Christmas cards
  • Clean our bathroom (the one in our bedroom)
I could probably send a few last Christmas cards, but otherwise every single thing is done, and done well. This is unusual; I usually have an unrealistic view of my time and energy and create lists that are insane. I wasn't sure I'd actually finish all 6 things today, but I did. Yes, there are still a few gifts to wrap, but the recipient won't be around tomorrow, so I did procrastinate on those. And technically, Sparky made the cookies--throwing two kinds of prepackaged chips in a graham cracker crust, sprinkling with coconut and baking them for a half hour hardly constitutes "making cookies."

All that's left to do is get my hair sorted out (post-shower) and then the evening's activities can commence: Chinese food, Christmas-light viewing, and church. I should be in bed by 12:30ish. I just asked Sparky if he's leaving a note for Santa, and got a negative-sounding grunt in response.

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