Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Y'know what's annoying? When you have a great post title...and you get pipped (definition #2 in the second one down) by someone you don't really like on their blog.

So, instead of writing the post that went with that title, I'll just give you updates:
  • The kid who was bleeding in the street furthest from us had a massive bicycle wreck, with himself only it seems. He's in the hospital but recovering ok.

  • The older kid who was bleeding in the street nearer was a drug dealer who got shafted on a sale and went after the buyer by jumping on the hood of the car as he and his girlfriend drove away. She sped up, then stopped, effectively flipping him off the hood, and then left. He's in a coma on a vent. The buyers have both spent some time in jail this week--she's still there, he's bonded out. Average age of the three of them? 20.5
Sparky's 19.

He's spent most of the daylight hours the past three days weeding all our gardens and trimming shrubs and bushes back into some kind of shape, so we can now see the house behind them all. He's also taken some time to look around for some actual jobs, and is trying to decide whether he wants to become an "independent financial services marketer." [My answer for the latter is: "Dude, seriously? You'll totally SUCK at this!" but it's his decision, really.]

So. That's the news. Time to eat dinner.

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amy said...

Hope I wasn't the pip-er. (Pipp-er? Pip-per?)

I'm glad that Sparky's staying busy. Hope he manages to find something more concrete than independent financial services marketing. o_O

Cat. said...

Of course not, DU-UH! ;-)

No real job yet. Lots of meetings scheduled as he starts the other one.

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