Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strange dreams this morning

I parked my truck on the road that leads to the driveway into our church and walked up said driveway, which was clear and driveable as far as I can remember. Once I crested the hill, I could see Paul & Matt (father & son) carrying poinsettias up from where they were being kept near the retention pond area. This was to keep them out of the weather. The sun was shining and it was a lovely day, and as I walked across the parking lot it dawned on me that I'd forgotten our bag of change for the noisy offering. This was upsetting; I needed to call Beast to remind him. I was also trying to figure out why I hadn't parked in the lot, and reminding myself that I had to get to work right after church. There were only a few cars in the lot but one of them belonged to the S. family who were unloading everyone and walking towards the door all wearing coats and winter-wear. Johnny's hand was all covered by a big (glove? scarf? sleeve of an overlarge coat? all I remember is that it was black) and I couldn't tell if he had it casted or just covered by this bulky thing.

What . The . Heck?
  • Poinsettias in May? Which are being stored outside to keep them safe?? 
  • There is no retention pond where Paul & Matt were working; the grade is uphill there.
  • Parking on the road, which I'm pretty sure might be illegal, and is definitely unsafe not to mention ridiculous?  Plus, that truck hasn't been around for over a year.
  • Johnny's hand was slammed in a door a couple of weeks ago and (long-story-short) he ended up in the hospital last weekend when it became infected; however, no cast was involved at any point. 
Tomorrow is noisy offering day, as well as Sunday School teacher appreciation, and I do actually work after church. I would be upset if we forgot to bring change, but the bag I was thinking about--which exists, and is a white paper shopping bag from ...uh, maybe Bath & Body Works?--in the dream only has about 75 pennies in it. Hardly worth worrying about. We'll bring it, along with pockets of dimes and quarters.

Do I know what this means? Well, I suppose I'll get another plant tomorrow at church; it's unlikely to be a poinsettia, however. Maybe something someone dug out of our backlot (lol, doubtful)  by Paul & Matt, who do, in reality, do a LOT of work around church. There are still buried feelings of annoyance about the driveway and road and the subdivision it leads to--THAT is a VERY long story. I miss my truck, I guess; I miss driving a manual tranny. I have been worrying about Johnny all week hoping he's ok. I think I started to wake up in the crossing-the-parking-lot phase which is why it started to become slightly less wackadoodle. Not too excited about work, though given the fact that several of the more irritating staff members won't be there, it's not such a bad thing.

And now? Now, I'm off on a mini road trip.

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