Friday, June 8, 2012


Sparky had to call the registrar at his college this morning to find out how to access his grades. Yes, he's been there a full school year and never knew how to find them. So now we know the bad news. Essentially, MANY more rounded letters than straight-line letters.

And the other news? I filled out the FAFSA wrong, so I redid it using the correct figures from our income tax forms. Our taxes were filed at a particularly bad time in Beast's back-pain history, so he barely remembers doing them at all. And he had forgotten he got an extension for his dad's taxes, so remembering that put him in a funk.

In other news, I have entered nearly 1100 books into Goodreads in the past week. I've made it up to 1995 working forward and back to 2010 working backwards. Backwards is easier: I just copy from my reading blog. The older lists require me to retype stuff, and in several cases, I've found that I originally wrote down incorrect information (wrote author, wrong title, and/or typos of same). On the other hand, my inner geek is having a blast.

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amy said...

Goodreads is fun - inner geeks ahoy! :)

As for the rest of it...meh. Can't change what you can't change, eh?

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