Friday, July 6, 2012


While we were outside helping one neighbor load our leftover mulch from our driveway into the mower trailer to take to her yard tonight--in cool 95-degree temps and 43% humidity (ugh ugh ugh--today was day three over 100 degrees outside), some of our other neighbors brought out their 6-week-old boxer pups.

This is NOT an actual picture of them; I found it on the internet.
But it is startlingly close to what they look like. There were actually 10 in their litter, but two have died. They have one pure white one, and one of the toffee-colored ones. The rest are all brindles or reverse-brindles (never heard that term before tonight!).

And...ok, just look at their faces. Soooo fracking adorable. Of course I went over swearing I wasn't going to touch them...and ended up petting the mom, the other adult dog (not the dad), and picking up and holding and playing with at least 4 of the puppies.

Dumbass. Totally stupid moron. I came home and washed my hands and arms immediately, then went upstairs and changed shirts, washing my arms and hands even more thoroughly.

I hate being allergic to puppies!

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