Tuesday, July 10, 2012


In my GReader feeds there is one category in which I have filed two blogs, and the comments from one of those blogs.

Stop, just a minute! I have to preface this whole post by saying that I'm really really far behind in my RSS feed-reading: there are nearly 300 400-omg total unread posts there, mostly library-related (221) or potential memes-to-do-when-I-have-time (182). So I'm behind. OK.

However, in this one folder, there are just 3 feeds. Since June 29, there have been 53 posts accrue in that folder. One blog has not posted in that time, or if it has, I've read those posts (all, maybe, two of them). The other two--blog + comments--account for the rest. I'm having great difficulty gearing up to read because the main blog posts are a series based on a speech. I read part one when it was posted. [Yes, apparently there are 8 or 9 posts which total one speech--thank God I didn't have to sit through the whole thing, eh?] The other 40-something links are comments to the above posts.

I don't want to read this speech. I should, so I know what's going on in my field as a whole, but on the other hand based on the "intro" I'm not sure I should. I want to strangle the person who wrote it--a not unfamiliar feeling, to be fair--and I'm close to 100% positive that every comment will be "OH U SO WUNNAFUL!! Y DINT WE TINK UV DAT?!!!!" I'm not sure I can deal with the posts themselves, and reading the comments will depress me because it means that there are a large number of Shovers and Makers in libraries who are completely ridiculously STOOPUD! Not to mention, easily swayed by pretty words and narcissism.

On the other other hand, none of that should surprise me at this point. There are a lot of really stupid people doing management in libraries. I will probably end up reading the posts, getting pissed off, and NOT reading the comments. Unless I read 'em all, but only while drinking a bottle of Everclear (should probably make sure someone's around to keep me from posting drunk).

EDIT, 7/15: Having considered the situation from multiple angles since posting this, I've decided to "mark as read" the whole kit-and-caboodle of those 53 (now 56) posts/comments, and unsubscribe from the blog itself. Will keep receiving the comments for now, at least this week. Life's too short and complicated to worry about other people's stoopud.

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molly said...

Congratulations on a wise decision. Sort of a "step away from it" thing. I have such a hard time doing that when I am irritated and/or enraged. I'm sort of a pitbull that way, without the ferociousness, just the jaws that cannot un-bite once I've bitten down on a question. I will try to follow your example in a work situation. Wish me luck on that.

Cat. said...

Definitely wishing you luck!

I need to do this more proactively.

Anonymous said...

I know of what you speak. And I KNOW that you know of what I speak. Think of it this way: How kind it is for that person to self designate as someone you don't need to know!

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