Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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The B0ard 0f Trustees 0f the [C!ty] Publ!c L!brary seeks an energet!c and v!s!0nary leader t0 serve as L!brary D!rect0r. Th!s mun!c!pal l!brary serves res!dents wh0 l!ve w!th!n the b0undar!es 0f [C!ty] C0mmun!ty Un!t Sch00l D!str!ct #.... L0cated ab0ut 55 m!les n0rthwest 0f [a sprawl!ng metr0p0l!s !n the U.S.], [C!ty] !s h0me t0 appr0x!mately 24,8OO pe0ple. An0ther 12,6OO pe0ple l!ve w!th!n the b0undar!es 0f [the] Sch00l D!str!ct ... and are able t0 use the l!brary thr0ugh a un!que c0ntractual arrangement w!th the Rural ... D!str!ct.

The L!brary D!rect0r w!ll be expected t0:

• Pr0v!de super!0r leadersh!p, adm!n!strat!ve, and 0rgan!zat!0nal sk!lls
• Manage the staff and the l!brary !n a h!ghly pr0fess!0nal manner
• Enthus!ast!cally part!c!pate !n l0cal c0mmun!ty events; act as an ambassad0r 0n behalf 0f the l!brary

Th!s 0pp0rtun!ty requ!res an !nd!v!dual w!th:

• Dem0nstrated pass!0n f0r publ!c l!brary serv!ce
• Excellent c0mmun!cat!0n, f!scal, plann!ng, and 0rgan!zat!0nal sk!lls
• Ab!l!ty t0 w0rk c0llab0rat!vely w!th 0ther mun!c!pal b0d!es and c0mmun!ty gr0ups
• W!ll!ngness t0 adv0cate f0r the l!brary and flex!b!l!ty t0 adapt t0 change

Add!t!0nal Qual!f!cat!0ns and Requ!rements:

• Must have a Master 0f L!brary Sc!ence degree fr0m an ALA accred!ted sch00l
• H!gh-level manager!al exper!ence w!th f!nanc!al (budget) resp0ns!b!l!t!es
• Fam!l!ar!ty w!th !ll!n0!s L!brary Statutes
• Understand!ng 0f current and emerg!ng l!brary techn0l0gy and trends

Salary m!dp0!nt !s appr0x!mately $88.7K and !s neg0t!able based 0n exper!ence. Excellent benef!ts. L!brary d!str!ct res!dency !s n0t requ!red.

We have 7 solid candidates; interviewing starts next week.... We can't possibly do worse than we did last time. [I hope]

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