Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time passages

  • Yesterday was Homecoming at Beast's & my (and Sparky's) college. Sparky was sick, but the weather was gorgeous.
  • Our team lost. Booo...
  • Thirty years ago this fall I was more homesick than ever before (or since) and also exhilarated by college life.
  • It was fun to go back, weird to sit in a dorm and listen to boys/men shout swear words in the halls (not to mention the 100 dB rap music), and good to see the campus looking great.
  • The campus library hasn't changed except for some of the books moving around. And there are more computers, of course.
  • We had to come home last night because I work today. And teach Sunday School, too.
  • Some of the people I work with SUCK BALLS!
  • Most of the people I work with are simply awesome, even inspirational.
  • The Head of HR for the City--and thus us--informed us that we full-timers should all be working 45+ hour weeks until a new director and children's librarian are hired. Excuse the FUCK outta me but, with one exception (see above) we already DO work over our hours on a regular basis, beeyotch.
  • Last week is over. Thank God.
  • I'm afraid to get a flu shot because so many people around me have been sick in the past week; what if the shot along with their germs makes me sick!? 
  • Pinto, the youngest guinea pig, tried to commit seppuku Friday when I cleaned their cage: he leapt out of my arms onto the top of the cage and nearly fell off the back. Maybe we shoulda named him Spaz....
  • I met someone for the first time last Sunday who was sure I worked in the same community as him (he's a firefighter several towns to our east). Nope. Really. NOPE!
  • Beast and I got to new cell phones on Monday. They are officially smarter than us. lol
  • I'm glad the professional refs are back. A week too late for the Packers, but...oh well, right?
  • Having badgered Beast into making a doctor's appointment to get his cough and his "numbers" checked out, I think I need to get in to see MY doctor as well about some weird new not-so-fun things my body is doing.
  • Time to get going: Sunday School, breakfast with Beast, work (post-upgrade, I hope everything works!), then home for the Packer game (and pizza?)

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