Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Upcoming stuff

Today and tomorrow promise to be landmark days for the LGBT community, regardless of what side of the debate people are on.

Poetry month is coming in less than a week. I'm stocked up with poems, but need to get them over here ready to post. This week is spring break, and that means lots of missing people at work, and Sparky at home, so I'm not confident I'll git 'er done, but I'm sure I can get it all worked out. Sure. Three worship services this week, one funeral that I may attend (or not, depending on work), and generally trying to get Sparky to clear out some of his childhood junk playthings...all done while trying to beat back the sinus infection/cold I have.

I'm also signed up for a graded course on RDA that starts April 1; the date is telling. However, aside from the humor and my personal (negative) feelings about RDA, this will be my first graded class in almost 25 years. Here's hoping I remember how to 'do' coursework, tests, and can functionally jet through this online class with flying colors and a passing--not "pissing"--grade.

Maybe I'll publish a poem after every assignment completed. ;-)

As for today and tomorrow, I'm really hoping the SCOTUS justices do the right thing. It seems so cut-and-dried to me, but so do a lot of other things they've ruled (badly) on. Off to work I go now.

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