Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Strange day, strange week

It occurred to me yesterday that the past two weeks are the first two Mondays I've worked at 9 a.m. in almost 20 years. When I was working part-time at my current place of work, I never worked Mondays. When I went full-time a couple of years ago, I was scheduled to work 11-7. That was the pits. So, now I'm (finally) working normal hours.* And it feels weird.

I got up this morning at 7 so I could go do my volunteering at my son's (former) high school. At 7:45, they called to say, "Don't come!" because they're setting up for foreign language AP testing in the library there today, so shelving is not really possible. So, ok, I'm up early for no reason in a really busy week. Which means I'm blogging, so there's that.

Beast is headed to load up Sparky's dorm this afternoon. It's going to be strange having the boy back, but he's only home for about 3 weeks before summer classes start. Probably not long enough to get to 100% annoyance. ;-)

Tonight I'm being inducted (?) into a sorority. Yes, as a matter of fact, I am eating crow as part of that process, and I'm also a late bloomer. Kinda fun, kinda flaky, kinda silly. But long-term: good.

I've been to the doctor twice in the past couple of weeks. Nothing to worry about: just a physical, parts 1 and 2. I got orders to lose weight, and get a mammogram and a bone density scan (both prophylactic). Meh. Hello, Weight Watchers, my old frenemy.

Friday, my day off this week, I will be spending the day at one of the middle schools judging 8th grade projects. I have done this now for 6 or 7 years and it's one of my favorite days of the year. However, I don't usually do the whole day, so this will be a marathon. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to reschedule the hair and massage appointments that I made before I realized I'd be tied up all day.

And I NEED that massage: my right shoulder/neck/collarbone/skull have been one giant knot since  Sunday. Maybe Saturday. I had a headache the past two days. I'm hoping some of the stretches I did last night will ameliorate the headache today at least.

And then there's work, which hasn't been bad, just busy. And the usual regular weekly commitments. Beast is hitting the road again tomorrow. The weather has been amazingly beautiful. Life could be worse. Life is worse for a lot of people. I have no complaints, not really.

*My previous schedule, as worked out with the previous director, should give you some insight into her psyche:
Mondays 11-7 (no lunch break, my choice)
Tuesdays 12-9
Wednesdays 8-4 (no lunch break, again, my choice)
Thursdays 9-6
Fridays OR Saturdays, alternating 8-5
And occasional Sundays 1-4. Every . Single . Day . Was . Different. So confusing.

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amy said...

I hope you get that hair/massage day soon, and that spring brings some calm to your schedule.

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