Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blog Challenge

I'm going to try something I have resisted for years because I really hate rules. But on the other hand, I have really let the ol' blog(s) slide, so I need a boost to force me to post more consistently. So without further ado, I present the 30-Day Blog Challenge. I've seen it a couple of places, but Kwizgiver is the one I'm pointing to since maybe it'll keep me honest if I know someone else who is doing it. And also, the questions aren't entirely inane.

The list of questions follows:

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So, my current relationship is where we start. I'm married. Next month is our 27th anniversary. We dated for two-ish years before we were married, though we met two years prior to that when Beast came up to my dorm room to harass my then-roommate because he thought she was cute. While she ignored him, he and I ended up talking.  However, he was just one of many guys I was interested in at the time. There were soooo maaannnyyyy guuyyssss. lol

I'm not sure what to say at this point except that marriage isn't for wusses or people who are afraid of change and drama. It's also a lot of fun, and comforting to know someone is going to be there to catch you, or prop you up, when life is hard (unless of course what's making life hard is the relationship). The one thing I will say is that I'm a lot less confident I'm right all the time than I was at 22. I guess that would be maturity.

It's a pretty precarious balance, this marriage thing, a bit like walking across a high, narrow bridge. Everything's awesome, literally, until you do the equivalent of looking down, at which point you can't help but wonder what the FUCK you're doing, what the HELL is keeping you from falling and dying, and what IGNORANT FOOL talked you into this trip! Since I'm not particularly afraid of heights per se, but I do recognize that Falling Will Hurt, it's just best for me to keep my eyes on the awesome surroundings and do my best to ignore the mechanics of what's keeping me from losing it. Mostly, it works. ;-)

And as the label below says, life goes on...regardless of whether you like the current landscape. Be assured, it will change; it always does.

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