Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Challenge

Guess what: I'm behind again. I do have a good excuse for missing yesterday, though: I was at work for 12 hours (8 for work, 1 for a meal break, 3 staffing the Scholastic Book Fair we host every year for a large local Christmas charity. So I got home last night at 9:30 and helped Beast take apart the TV area in the living room so I could take our Wii and accoutrements to work with me today. I was in bed by 10 or so, didn't sleep great, and was awake at 5:30 for Bible Study, then directly to work at 8.

So yesterday at some point I was suppose to Put [My Nonexistent] iPod on Shuffle and Write 10 Songs That Pop Up. Since I don't have an iPod, and I haven't used my MP3 player in several years, I'm just going to shuffle my Spotify Stars:
  1. Ackee 1-2-3 -- The English Beat. I adore this song! It was played pretty much every time I had a radio show in college. I own the album and hadn't listened to it in a decade, at least not until I dug it up on Spotify.
  2. Only You -- The Platters. Nothing like a little dreamboat teenaged slow-dance music....
  3. So High -- John Legend. ...unless it's a sexy mature slow-jam.
  4. Family -- TobyMac. From his latest album. I haven't heard this a million times, but the first time I heard it, it went right onto the starred list.
  5. Ben (Akon Mix) -- Michael Jackson [and Akon]. This song makes me tear up, but this mix is less syrupy.
  6. 928 Horn Jam -- Trombone Shorty. If you love trombones the way I love trombones, you'll love this song. Or, really, almost anything by Shorty.
  7. White Rabbit -- Patti Smith. Yup, this is "that song" but not the Grace Slick version. Patti Smith has (had anyway) a really wonderful voice.
  8. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) -- Shakira. Yeah, just a silly, sing-along song...
  9. Club Can't Handle Me -- Flo Rida feat. David Guetta. ...or two, though this is more of a brainless dance-along song.
  10. Fuck You -- Cee Lo. Well, they did ask for ten, which I interpreted as the first ten that came up. ;-)

Today I was supposed to Bullet [My] Whole Day. I'll try to do it from memory.
  • I guess technically that waking up at 2 means that's part of today, right. Dreaming about badly needing to pee means waking up on the run to the bathroom. Then Beast is (oddly) a little snorey. And I just can't get settled, so I come downstairs and work on a kakuro, till I get a little more sleepy.
  • The alarm goes off at 5:30--ugh! One snooze...
  • ...and I hit the snooze again and then slug my pillow in an attempt to push myself out of bed. After a couple of minutes, I turn off the alarm, and plod to the bathroom.
  • Shower, hair, clothes, earrings, meds, find the other flip-flop
  • Downstairs: look for phone, look for work keys, remember they're in the car, grab Wii bag.
  • Plug phone into car charger, make sure I have my wallet, turn on the CD player for more Cry, the Beloved Country, pull out of the driveway at 6:20
  • Hit the restaurant, get settled, order breakfast, and spend an hour untangling Luke 7:36-50 while eating and drinking two glasses of diet Coke
  • Pay, head back to the car, drive to work, arriving at about 8:05
  • Prep two book orders, and one media order and send those in. Listen to a coworker rabbit on and try to ignore her or at least not get riled.
  • Firefight various things, including random emails.
  • Find out that our local self-appointed Community News Dude has reported the Book Fair to the Fire Marshall for blocking the exit of the library. Because why say something to us when he was here Monday when the book fair was set up? He's a tiny little dick with a Jesus complex.
  • Realize my throat is killing me, and my back/shoulders are sore as hell.
  • Whinge via IM with Beast about above.
  • Catalog all the demand stuff that magically appears on my desk, and a few other things.
  • Stand around while our IT guy upgrades my Adobe license
  • Take two Tylenol.
  • Do an hour penance, er, yeah, in the children's room.
  • Lunch with Beast at 6 Balls.
  • Back to work, feeling less crappy.
  • Kill off some order records that Baker&Taylor has cancelled.
  • Put away the review journals I was using yesterday.
  • Find out if we are keeping the second large-type copy of a Nora Roberts book (cheaper to keep than return at this point).
  • Start watching the weather radar.
  • Go through the July Bookletters titles to see what we own. Separate the ones we don't have and order them {SHIT--I just realized I only ordered part of them...dammit!!} after confirming with the woman who usually does those orders that she's ok with me doing it. Which is why I screwed up: I've never done one of them, and I was too excited to do it right. :-\
  • Crawl into the online weather radar and start panicking about the drive home from work. Also commence worrying that Sparky may also have scary weather--this is one BIG-FUCKING-STORM--and text him.
  • I'm sure there were some other random things I did over the course of the day at work, but in the end I left at 5:40 to beat the weather home.
  • Once I arrive, I join Beast in the basement, till we both start dozing off to the dulcet tones of The Weather Channel and the weather has cleared.
  • Upstairs. Facebook. Dinner. TV.
  • Round Two of the storm whizzes through in 10 minutes, with hurricane-level winds and horizontal rain, and some hail before leaving us in its wake.
  • I'm going to bed soon, even though it is currently 8:15. I'm way zonked.
A hurricane in a pear tree.
Five minutes earlier, there was no wind, no rain, and bright skies.
Five minutes later, there was a nice breeze, no rain, and brightening skies.

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