Saturday, December 28, 2013

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

4 Favourite movies (or TV Shows) of 2013 (28th December)
This was the year I discovered "Criminal Minds" and "Cold Case" reruns on the Ion channel.

The only movie I saw in a theater was the latest Star Trek movie, which was visually wonderful, but plotwise...SUUUUUUCCCCKKKED!! The actors are great, but the "alternate timeline" thing is stupid, and Cumberbatch as Khan? No.

We rented the first Hunger Games movie, which I thought I had seen, but don't remember when. The plan has been to watch that and then go see "Catching Fire" but we haven't gotten there yet.

So, that's four. I have also watched, and (surprisingly) enjoyed "Duck Dynasty" though that show is permanently tainted now for me by Phil's idiotic comments. These older Usual Suspects remain strong: "CSI", NCIS", "Life in the ER", "American Pickers", "Deadliest Catch", and the various L&O shows. And NFL games, naturally. ;-)
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