Friday, December 13, 2013


12-13 -
Grinch Week: Holiday pet peeves. Everyone's got at least one. What's yours?
I wish people would listen to the message of Christmas more than they participate in the rest of the Christmas folderol. I can't really understand the point of celebrating Peace on Earth if you're busy causing LESS PEACE. ...sigh.

12-12 -
Grinch Week: I cannot stand "It's a Wonderful Life". Now it's your turn. What beloved holiday movie / TV show /play just leaves you cold?
I've never seen that movie. Beast loves "Scrooged" but I just think it's hokey. I'm pretty much over Peanuts/Rudolph/Grinches/Frosty and all the others too--have been for years. I'm kind of Grinchy about the whole Hollywood thing.

I should probably link so people can figure out where these are actually coming from:

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