Saturday, January 4, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

10 Books you'd like to read in 2014 (3rd January)
Here are the top 10 on my Goodreads Up-Next List:
  1. Perfect Escape - Jennifer Brown
  2. Trapeze - Simon Mawer
  3. Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk - Ben Fountain
  4. The Fear Index - Robert Harris
  5. The Spy Who Jumped Off the Screen - Thomas Caplan
  6. Life After Life - Kate Atkinson
  7. Five Days at Memorial - Sheri Fink
  8. Tenth of December - George Saunders
  9. Fosse - Sam Wasson
  10. With or Without You - Domenica Ruta
There are 25 on that list and 97 titles on the To-Read. I'm never, EVER, going to catch up!
11 Memories from Christmastide throughout your life (4th January)
These are purely random.
  1. The Christmas of the Barbie Dream House
  2. The Christmas I Got the Flu AND a Sickroom Visit From My Dad
  3. The Clothes Christmas (no toys, nothing fun---it was either the year before or the year after the Barbie Dream House)
  4. The Christmas I Got No Books (Beast never did that again!)
  5. The Christmas of Revere-ware
  6. The Christmas of 1994 (two family funerals the month prior to December 25)
  7. Sparky's Third Christmas (his grandparents sent so much that he actually got bored with opening presents...smh)
  8. The Christmas Katherine Went Gonzo
  9. The Christmas I got a The Huge Box (it was big enough to be my coffin ... filled with newspapers and bricks--with a record album taped inconspicuously to one side)
  10. The Christmas When Death Trumped Both an Emergency Hospitalization and a Ransacked Hotel Room
  11. The First Christmas My Mother Ever Spent Away From (her) Home (at age 50-something)
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2 thing(s) to say:

Kwizgiver said...

I've read #6--I don't think I could read #7, it seems too intense for me.

I don't have as many Christmas memories as you do... mine all blend together in blandness (which isn't a bad thing).

Cat. said...

It took me awhile to disentangle the 13 I listed, but the Years of Death were pretty memorable in their lack of memorability. I don't actually remember Christmas itself either of those years.

I may end up just skimming ...Memorial--it will be pretty dismal, you're right.

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