Monday, January 6, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge

12 Goals for 2014 (5th January)
  1. Lose weight and get the cholesterol in a better place.
  2. Continue with Al-Anon and therapy.
  3. Read more, internet less.
  4. Get better about journaling.
  5. Travel more.
  6. Keep my mouth shut more.
  7. Visit, hug, and play with ALL my great-nephews (OK this is kinda the whole traveling thing again).
  8. Support and acknowledge my friends, however I am able.
  9. Eat less fast food and make more homemade meals (kinda goes with #1, but I'm running out of ideas).
  10. Get rid of the excess stuff in the house: old textbooks, clothes that will never be worn again, etc.
  11. Organize those damn family papers!
  12. Do the next right thing more often than not.
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