Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Birthday mixup

Sparky's 21st birthday was Monday.

Sparky Tues 2:57 pm: Still haven't gotten your guys' package. :(
Me Tues 4:39 pm: Crap! I'll call. I didn't create a login on the site so I can't track it online like usual. #fail I'll keep you posted. Thx for letting me know
Me Tues 4:48 pm: They're closed for today. I sent them an email so maybe they'll get on it early tomorrow.
Sparky Tues 7:53 pm: Ok thank [you] for keeping me in the loop
Me today 12:34 pm: I fwd the reply ... apparently it disappeared in PA the day it shipped. So. Lesson learned. I owe you a cake as well as your actual prezzie. [angry emoticon]
Sparky today 4:19 pm: [angry emoticon] mildly upset in the postal system. Thanks
Me today 4:19 pm: UPS and yeah. Sorry.
Sparky today 8:01 pm: Got your card if it's any consolation...
Me today 8:15 pm: YOU should be getting consoled! Did it just arrive today? Wow.
Sparky today 8:21 pm: Yeah just got here
Me today 8:22 pm: Apparently the world blew up in honor of your birthday :\
Sparky today 8:23 pm: Yeah, of course. Stupid world :P
Me today 8:24 pm: Yeah. If only you were in charge, right?
Sparky today 8:25 pm: IT WOULD BE PERFECT!
Me today at 8:25 pm: ROFLOL

I love that kid young man.

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Kwizgiver said...

He's a good sport!

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