Monday, February 17, 2014

Ten years ago today....

Yes, this year marks my 10th anniversary of blogging. Since I almost never post anything current, I've decided to throw some of the posts from that year over onto this blog.

The first few posts of my first year of blogging weren't that thrilling, but this is a fun snapshot of what my life was like then.

Life is hectic.

Saturday: Worked all day (9-6). Came home and finally watched Survivor. Weird episode. Crashed into bed after a bath.

Sunday: Promiseland. Church--good sermon, on forgiveness, how-to. The Beast ended up filling in to count money. I ended up chatting up the rest of the congregation. VN asked again, "How's the house?" She is SO angling for an invitation... ;-) Somehow I think I volunteered to copyedit the Powerpoint sermon stuff for the pastor. How does this happen?!

More Sunday: Ate BK in the library staff room with the family. Worked 1-4. Chaos at circ. Ref was steady but under control, except for the Jobs PC which has apparently blown into kingdom come. Flashing lights, power off, different flashing lights, power off, more flashing lights....nevermind. Sparky stayed and "did homework" while I worked. Mostly he really was, although Z and his sister were there for a bit.

Still More Sunday: "Can Z spend the night?" Ugh. Fine, so pick him up on our way home from work. Home--Sore feet, pizza from P*ul##'s (Z actually ATE at our house!!), Beast in full crash-and-burn mode with sore everything. I end up staying up till 11 and forcing the kids to sleep at that point.

Monday: Into town to return Z to his house. PowerChurch for 90 minutes. Home. Back to town to take Sparky to Ch@llenger Center for program on Mars. Home. Back to town to pick him up, stop at store for 5 things. 10-items-or-less line is apparently dorkville--takes 15 minutes to check 3 people through and I'm trapped. Home. Leftover pizza with fresh salad (from Dorkville). Beast is at volleyball, Sparky is dictating his Young Author story to me while I word-process it. Three chapters done, he hits the shower and then we Hobbit. He goes to bed at 7:30.

Monday late: The Beast's doing taxes--I am totally "See ya!!" Bath therapy for me. Come back downstairs and write note to family out of guilt--still haven't called MOM!!! Too late now. Lights out for me at 10. Beast too! ...amazing we actually went to sleep at the same time...course, he was up at 4... Must be that nap he got yesterday...

Today: Out of bed--only one snooze--at 6. Left for school/work at 7. Phones not working, Crazy Cat Woman calls in "sick" as usual on the day after a Monday holiday so I'm at desks for 2 hours. Nothing gets done. My desk is a train wreck, fly box overflowing, TWO carts full of cataloging to do and more coming, and reserves out the wazoo.

And more work tonight.

THE GOOD NEWS? This is my last week of working nights, possibly for over a year! Hurrah hurrah hurrah. I can eat meals with my family for a change--that means I need to get my meal plan organized instead of higgledy piggledy. Which reminds me, I have meat defrosted and must make something of it, not to mention the Young Author panting down my neck with Chapter Four.

Read? Haven't been. But I have--somehow--lost weight. These pants have been friggin' falling down all day. Annoying.

I'd love to be annoyed with falling-down pants again. I have the exact opposite problem these days.

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