Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Endless Loop

For Christmas I got the box set of [English] Beat albums. I love these guys, discovered them in college, played the albums over and over and over, and then once we went totally CD I didn't really hear them except on occasional play on Pandora or what-have-you. I finally broke open the seal on the set last week and listened to my favorite of the albums, Special Beat Service, a couple of times in the car while driving around. Over the weekend I started a new audiobook and set the music aside for now.

Since then, every morning when I get up, and several times throughout the days, this lyric from "Sole Salvation" has been running through my head:
...dying only means
You're not in next week's program
Skabadoo, skabaday, skabadoo, skabaday...
The last bit ("skabadoo, skabaday...") isn't always included in the loop. It's not my totally-favorite song on the album--that honor will always go to Ackee 1-2-3*--but I like(d) it. Hearing that lyric in my head for a week, however, is dulling my appreciation and I'm getting tired of it. I just wish I could figure out, of all the lyrics, why that one line is on replay. It's irritating.

Maybe I just need to listen to the rest of the set to clear my aural palette....

* Part of the reason I love this song is that it was my entré to the group. Someone--Steve H., I'm looking at you!--made a cart of it to play on the campus radio station in late 1982. One play and I was hooked, and as a member of the Columbia Record Club at the time I scoured the catalog and found the album it was on. Since they never really 'broke' in the states, I could play virtually everything by them on our "alternative" (a.k.a. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING NOT TOP 40) station. And I did. Between the Native American chanting, the deep cuts off Culture Club LPs and Emerson Lake & Palmer.... I miss the station. Damn.

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Kwizgiver said...

I miss my college radio days. They led to my (short-lived) career on a local radio station--WEGP 1390 on your AM dial!

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