Monday, February 16, 2015

Curve Ball

So, this week I start back at work. I was at my desk for a couple of hours today, just making sure it's fairly clear. My plan for tomorrow is to at least double that and focus on cataloging for as long as I can. I absolutely have to talk to my boss--whether he wants to talk to me is undetermined. I'm irritated with him. Can you tell?

This weekend absolutely did not go as planned. Beast fell in the bathroom very early Saturday morning at some point and broke the handle in
Our former shower handle
the shower off -- among other things that were disarranged -- which then sprayed water all over the bathroom for I-don't-know-how-long. When I finally woke up and heard Beast moaning and got up to find him, the water had leaked through the floor and dumbed at least an inch in the dining room, which then leaked through the floor joists into the basement. Fortunately, we have plastic covers on the dining room table and pool table. But a lot of stuff got wet.
Shower handprints
And Beast took the 911 taxi to get sorted out at the hospital. No permanent damage, but lots of facial bruising and a solid smack on the ribs where he separated them playing football 30 years ago.

He's sore. I'm ... all over the map. Still sore on my throat but the dermabond, a.k.a. Superglue, is almost completely gone.

Emotionally, I think Beast and I are all over the map, though. Angry, sad, frantic, glad nothing worse happened, tired, anxious.

It definitely was not my favorite Valentine's Day, for sure.

Living room ceiling
Dining room ceiling
Sparky did come home for the day, which was excellent. We took him out for dinner at a semi-nice place, and it was good to listen to him talk and talk and talk about life. His birthday was the day before I had surgery. My little boy is almost the age I was when I got married. Hard to believe.

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Kwizgiver said...

OMG! I hope the cleanup and repairs happen fast. And speedy recovery to Beast. (and you)

amy said...

It's one thing to know it's happened, another to see it. And, of course, another thing entirely to live it. I'm thinking of you, of course.

As for that last bit about Sparky: Mind. Blown.

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