Thursday, February 12, 2015


Tonight's Facebook quote on my wall goes like this:
“Momentarily forgetting how wind works, Lex tried spitting at him. This failed.” ―Gina Damico (Croak)

There is something odd about the number of spitting quotes I have saved.

Today was the first day I drove since surgery. This morning I drove to see Dawn, stopped at Walgreen's for Valentine's Day stuff, and then home. TIRED. Tonight I drove in for my massage appointment, which didn't exhaust me quite as much. Then again, I was lying down the whole time.

I do have a sore throat tonight. I'm hoping it's just drainage, but I did pop some Vitamin C in hopes of continuing to head off the germs of this winter's version of crud.

Also, I love the people I work with. Mostly. When they aren't pissing me off. Today was full of Facebook/email/PM fun.

And I watched the pilot and two episodes of China Beach today. What a superb show.

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Kwizgiver said...

I need to re-watch China Beach. I loved that show.

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