Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Vacation at the ER

Whee. Beast is having terrible pain in his left shoulder. It was bad enough that for a few minutes he though it might be a heart attack, which meant a fairly quick response from the EMTs who transported him to SLU Med Ctr. Where we sit.

They've established it's probably NOT a heart attack but the pain is bad. Very bad. Honestly, though, he seems a little better in the last few minutes. It might be that he's just getting used to it.

The waiting room is emptying out a little now, at least.

And we wait.  Whee.

I did manage to drive through downtown St. Louis in the RV without incident. And managed to find a spot to park eventually too!

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Kwizgiver said...

Congrats on driving the RV safely. But Boo Hiss to Beast's pain. I hope he's significantly better by now!

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