Sunday, October 11, 2015


I haven't ever blogged from my phone but here I am, sitting by a firepit while Beast burns things, listening to night-singing bugs and nearly indistinguishable music from across the campground. The wind is blowing in the treetops but not so much down here on the ground. 

Yes, we're camping. In an RV, which we rented from CruiseAmerica. So soft (ish) sleeping spots and protection from temperature changes and electricity. ...After my shower this morning, I blow-dried my hair. Because I could. Beast showered in the RV but I used the campground showers which was fine. 

I even cooked tonight. Yes, basic chicken and a box dinner on the side but still cheaper than eating out every meal. 

We're doing a Heartland tour. Today was a tour of Abraham & Mary Lincoln's home prior to his election to the Presidency in 1860. It's a lovely house, in good condition, and with much original furniture. We wandered around the 'neighborhood' near the house and then walked across downtown to a bar Beast found on (not sure how to do a hyperlink using the phone) and watched the Pack beat St. Louis with a bunch of Packerbackers. The place is only open the Sundays they play and only for the duration of the game.  It was fun. We'll find another place next week...

[Why does campfire smoke ALWAYS follow me???]

Think I'm going to finish this up now. Only a couple of logs left. Then I'll go in and read about Mary Todd's rather sad life.

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Kwizgiver said...

Safe travels! I've never blogged from my phone (or iPad for that matter), either. And smoke follows beauty.

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